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Academic Advantage
 has been improving the lives of students for more than thirteen years. Through the use of our unique assessment techniques, we can identify the methods that will inspire, stimulate, and connect with your student. We help your student achieve success during each session, and believe that success builds upon success. We teach skills that will help your student achieve success on his/her own. Our program is enjoyable for students. It is not a chore. Students have so much fun; they often forget that they are learning. Academic Advantage operates on the premise that a happy student will be a successful student. Based on your student's ongoing assessment, we tailor an individualized approach. 

 Academic Advantage is a specialty practice for ADD/ADHD Training and Coaching, Dyslexia, Asperger's Syndrome, Academic Remediation, and Test Taking Skills.   

Academic Advantage has been established for the students who are non-traditional learners, who struggle to learn and remember, and who may have challenges with information processing either in listening, reading, writing, or speaking.  We have developed systems that can correct the deficits and can correct the thinking processes.  We are in the business of giving help and hope.  Academic Advantage is dedicated to take the education process to a new and exciting level since 1997. 

Our goal is to insure that each student reaches their full potential at an early age to secure a successful future. 

The following is a short list of results client's have reported with the help of Academic Advantage:

*attention, learning memory            *motivation and self-confidence            *organization and task completion          *reading comprehension, accuracy, and fluency

*spelling and writing                        *speech, listening, and understanding   *communication, behavior, and social     *sensory integration, movement, and coordination

Academic Advantage
Owasso, OK 74055 
Email: trissy@academicadvantage.org

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